Company Info

One fine morning when I finally reached Dubai after a long trip abroad, I was hoping to catch up with my old friends, but everything was different. Almost 15 km to city, I sighted all those skyscrappers with a prominent view of nicely-designed Burj Khalifa. First I thought again I am in the wrong place, and decided to make a U-turn! But luckily I saw a signboard of “Dubai 15 km” soon after.
I am regular camel, but sorry not so regular, a smart one! Like to chat with other camels and play with them. When I left this lovely city for a journey, everything was lovely for me. But now, this city has changed a lot. It has become a so desirable place for people to live in, but for me, ooch…Tried to survive for some time, but it was so difficult to continue this way. One fine morning, finally decided to apply for a job. I realized that unless I earn some money to get some veggies, I have to leave to place again. But nooo… That was not an option because I loved this city with all its fancy structures. I am “Camelooz”. That is what my friends call me. Camelooz means smart, civilized, modern, industrial camel who can think and work exactly like humans.
I was so lucky to be admitted to the first company I applied for, wooohhhhh… But I can never forget that miserable Monday night before my first day of work. It took me 8 hours to find appropriate PPE for my first day of job. It was very difficult to go to market and buy each single item from one shop. At night when in bed, I just thought how fancy would have been if I could just stay here and buy everything online. I dreamed of an online shop that has all different items with varios options and prices. I could choose what I want and have them delivere to my doorstep next day before going to job! Then I dreamt more and more…
All of a sudden, the idea was clicked in my mind! It is possible to do that. Started gathering more and more information in the evenings after coming back from work and now, you have Camelooz Online Store to shop all your occupational safety needs in one place within your fingertips. Moreover, if you are a supplier of PPE, you can place your products in my online store and sell it over here. Camelooz Online Store is a comprehensive marketplace for all sorts of personal protective equipment where sellers can open their shops, display and sell their products to a wide range of online customers.