New Salisbury Lift Front Hood HRC4

Users of arc flash hoods can attest to the uncomfortable feeling that results when one’s access to fresh air is reduced and a build-up of CO2 occurs. The combination of limited oxygen and CO2 build-up is not only uncomfortable, but is potentially dangerous to the user if worn for prolonged periods of time. Fortunately, the unique design of the Lift Front Hood combats this issue as it allows for fresh air flow even while the hood’s face shield is in the deployed position. In addition, the same design feature that provides access to fresh air also allows for the release of CO2 and body heat. While some arc flash hoods feature an integrated cooling fan which provides access to fresh air, these systems add weight to the hood and have been noted to cause some degree of neck strain.

Salisbury Lift Front Hood

Salisbury Lift Front Hood

The Lift Front Hood allows for access to fresh air without adding additional weight or creating an additional form of discomfort to the user. Additionally, if the user would like complete access to fresh air, they can simply remove themselves out of the arc flash hazard area, pinch and release the lock mechanism and raise the face shield in a balanced position overhead. When working in an industry standard arc flash hood, a user must completely remove the hood in order to have unlimited access to fresh air.

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You may also watch Lift Front Hood video here.